Coastal Phillips of the Carolinas on Oak Island

Posted: July 03, 2013

Phillips Properties Group and Phillips Properties Worldwide Association are opening a new location and a new company -- Coastal Phillips of the Carolinas -- to work actively with home owners and investors to get our clients the very best opportunities on Oak Island, NC.
The island, and the immediate surrounding area including South Port and St. James Plantation, is a well kept secret, but not for long!
The prudent buyer can enjoy beautiful beaches at low entry costs in a place on this peaceful island where the sun rises and sets on the water.  It's nothing short of amazing when you consider the cost of being less than a half mile from the surf on a pleasant island getaway.

Several dynamics are in play at this exact moment to make Oak Island properties available at unprecedented prices.  The opportunities are limited and the team at Coastal Phillips is moving quickly and effectively to make sure that our clients get full benefit from this limited opening.

To learn more about this rare opportunity to live, vacation or invest in Oak Island, please contact us.  Call 1-919-346-1346 or 1-855-532-8879, or email us at