Phillips Properties Worldwide Introduces Real Estate Innovation

The Phillips Properties Group (PPG) has announced the creation of a new association of independent real estate professionals.  Phillips Properties Worldwide will provide its members with access to innovative resources and the benefits of large organization affiliation, without requiring the expensive participation and regulations that are commonly found with large national real estate companies.

According to PPG Managing Partner and Broker-in-charge Jim Phillips, “Our years in the real estate and construction industry have made it clear that the current model is broken.  It relies too heavily on old business practices and is titled in favor of large corporations, literally at the expense of the agents, brokers and other real estate professionals who do most of the work.

“As we continued to brainstorm on ways to Embrace Change In Real Estate™, we looked for ways to turn traditional practices on their heads – especially the practice of charging professionals excessive fees, simply for the `privilege’ of keeping an office in a large building.  We’ve come to the realization that there are ways to create strength in numbers and help like-minded individuals and companies, while doing so in an environment where they can maintain their independence and autonomy.

“Interestingly, in our research over the past few years we’ve been struck by the existence of literally hundreds of PHILLIPS-named real estate companies throughout the United States and around the world.  This became part of the impetus behind the creation of Phillips Properties Worldwide.  By affiliating with dozens of similarly named companies, our members can convey a sense of “bigness” and cutting-edge professionalism, without being held captive by one of the national chains.”

Jim notes “PPG has earned a reputation for innovation in the real estate space and we are now eager to provide these insights and strategies to like-minded real estate professionals.  We’ve been very successful at looking at property transactions and management in a whole new way and have been able to provide our clients with unprecedented services as a result.  We now see the opportunity to help other professionals – literally around the world – to conduct business in new, less restrictive and more profitable way.

 “Our members can tap into the participation of associates in every part of the world and gain the benefit of considerable size, while simultaneously making use of the innovative approaches that can help all of us build our businesses.”

 To learn more about Phillips Properties Worldwide and apply for membership, please contact Jim Phillips at 919-346-0150 or by email at