The Perks

Phillips Properties Worldwide (PPW) is designed to give Phillips namesake organizations and independent real estate professionals a variety of resources to help grow their business in a “strength in numbers” environment.

Members of PPW can enjoy the following benefits:

•    Participation in seminars, workshops and webinars about innovative real estate concepts

•    Network-building through in-person and online activities

•    Payment on all lead generation and referrals that lead to deal closings by other members

•    Access to vetted peers and real estate inventory in locations throughout the world

•    Assistance by peers in other markets in generating awareness for listings

•    Additional online marketing through the PPW website – extending online visibility with search engines and prospects moving to the members’ home area

•    Affiliation with a leading international real estate organization, which can provide added credibility in prospect meetings

Phillips Properties Worldwide unleashes the twin forces of innovation and collaboration for our members.  Affiliation can be a great way for members to be part of large organizations without being subjected to expense and policies commonly found with major national real estate chains. 

Get started with Phillips Properties Worldwide by contacting Jim Phillips at or 855-532-8879 .