The Process

Affiliation with Phillips Properties Worldwide is quick and easy.

1.    Own or create a Phillips-namesake business in the real estate industry.
2.    Contact us by phone at 1-855-532-8879 or 919-346-1346 to set up and conduct a brief screening interview.
3.    Agree to the terms of association, which include
  • Promoting the association on the member’s website and collateral material
  • Promoting the member company – including available properties – on the Phillips Properties Worldwide website
  • Paying 10% of earned commissions to fellow Phillips Properties Worldwide associates on occasions where the other member played a role in the transaction
  • Paying membership dues to the association ($100 US per month or $1,000 US annually)
  • To the degree possible, participate in ongoing association activities such as conference calls, regional meetings and newsletter and blog content

That's all there is to it!

Phillips Properties Worldwide (PPW) reserves the right to cancel the involvement of organizations which, in PPW’s sole judgment are unable to meet the standards of affiliation.  PPW also reserves the limit to limit the number of participating organizations is specific geographic regions, in order to provide greater value to each member.