The Program

The goal of Phillips Properties Worldwide (PPW) is to provide Phillips namesake organizations and independent-minded real estate professionals with innovative resources and a “strength in numbers” identity to help grow their businesses.

•    We conduct seminars, workshops and webinars to share trend-setting practices with our members.

•    We facilitate communication among through conference calls, meetings and conventions to help members build resources networks.

•    We provide members with the opportunity to participate in the financial success of their associates through lead generation and referrals.

•    We give members and their clients access to real estate properties and trusted colleagues in locations throughout the world.

•    We extend the marketing reach of our members through inclusion of their listings and company information on our national website.

•    We offer members the ability to demonstrate industry leadership through their association with an international real estate industry leader.  (For Phillips namesake organizations, this can even be viewed as an extension of the “family business.”)

Our vision for Phillips Properties Worldwide is to extend the brand and name recognition for each member by working collaboratively.  Members will experience the greatest magnitude of value in the association through their active participation in seminars, conferences and online marketing.

Learn more today and begin the process of affiliation with Phillips Properties Worldwide by contacting Jim Phillips at  855-532-8879, 919-346-1346 .